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    • 08 Jun 2017
    • 4:00 PM (UTC-05:00)
    • 11 Jun 2017
    • 11:00 AM (UTC-05:00)
    • Oaxaca, Mexico
    • 10

    This year, we'll meet in Oaxaca, Mexico!  The Annual Meeting is where we connect, get new perspectives, hear stories, and get ideas about how to help.  We select the next year’s board members, teach new leaders through our student scholarship program, hear about exciting projects, and we learn new skills.  We meet in a casual atmosphere, yet we achieve much hard work. 

    You will choose your accommodations for the Hostal de La Noria.  Most meals are included, though some will be at nearby restaurants.  There is also an option for those unable to stay at the Hostal de La Noria, with details on the registration form.  You should plan to arrive by Thursday June 8, as all programming begins during breakfast on Friday June 9.  We'll conclude after dinner on Saturday June 10.  You can depart on Sunday June 11 - or take advantage of several extra activities offered by Norma Schafer of Oaxaca Cultural Navigator, or a hands-on natural dye workshop arranged by Stephanie Schneiderman of Tia Stephanie Tours.  Additional pre- and post-meeting tours are offered by Tia Stephanie Tours and Eric Mindling of Traditions Mexico, please contact directly to sign up.

    WARP is handling all arrangements for activities with Norma Schafer.  See the Upcoming Events page to register for any of these separately from the annual meeting registration (though you can still use PayPal!)

    • 11 Jun 2017
    • In and near Oaxaca, Mexico

    Norma Schafer of Oaxaca Cultural Navigator has offered 4 optional concurrent activities for WARP Members for Sunday June 11. WARP is handling all registrations for these, so no need to contact Norma Schafer.  You must register no later than May 15, 2017.  No modifications or refunds can be made after this date, as reservations will have been made with local tour partners.  Space is limited, so make your selections early!  IF there are spots still available once we're in Oaxaca, then meeting participants may sign up there.  Note some of these optional activites include your lunch, and some do not.  You will be reminded!

    1.    Natural Dye Workshop (limited to 6 people). You will get your hands wet!  This is a  roll-up your sleeves workshop to make your own dye bath, dye your own yarns, and take home a sample card. It’s more than a demonstration. It’s a participatory experience. This three-­hour workshop/demonstration will focus on making a cochineal dye bath and sample yarns to demonstrate the variety of colors derived from the insect that lives on the nopal cactus. Cochineal, native to Oaxaca, was the largest Spanish export after the conquest, second only to gold. Does not include lunch.

    $95 per person. Minimum 3 people. Maximum 6 people.

    2.   Archeology/history tour to Monte Alban and the Zapotec pottery center of Atzompa. Learn about the Zapotec civilization, the greatest of Mesoamerica. Visit a Grand Master of Oaxaca Folk Art. Includes lunch.

    $95 per person. Minimum 10 people. No maximum.

    3.   Tlacolula Market Wander. After breakfast, you will travel by van to the Tlacolula Market, the large regional tianguis that draws local people from throughout Oaxaca who buy and sell livestock, food, household goods, clothing and textiles. Includes transportation and lunch.

    $95 per person. Minimum 6 people. Maximum 12 people.

    4.   Oaxaca Walking Tour. We will lead you on a guided visit and meet with two of Oaxaca’s greatest textile collectors/gallery owners to learn more about the indigenous craft and the regions of Oaxaca’s great textiles. We will also visit churches and markets. Includes lunch. Tour provider is Norma Schafer, Oaxaca Cultural Navigator LLC.


    $65 per person. Minimum 3 people. Maximum 8 people.

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